Our Driving Force

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We've watched people choose between profit and purpose for too long. 

When you work with us, you don't have to choose. 

It doesn't matter if you're a nonprofit serving the youth of Richmond, CA, or a mortgage company in Nevada. We just need to know that you care about the impact you have on the world.  

Not sure how making money and history go hand in hand? Don't worry. We're here to open (and blow) your mind.

the co-founders


chief motivator // chief fixer


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Rumor has it they're known for:

  • working from anywhere, including that one time in the back of a tuk-tuk in Cambodia

  • getting impulsive tattoos in places like Vancouver, Bangkok, and Arroyo Grande

  • hopping on flights out of the country for reasons like "villas are cheap in Bali right now"

  • swearing via email

When the Lore de Force co-founders hop on a client call, the first order of business usually involves an update on where they are in the world. The best friends have traveled or lived in more than 30 countries and have worked on four continents, time zones be damned. This love of travel is partly what compelled them to leave the corporate grind (Jennie: agencies and tech start-ups; Claire: some of the world's largest media companies) and make a name for themselves. Now that they run the show, they're working around the clock (and the world) to prove that it's possible to make a profit while making a difference. 

You can find Jennie on Instagram and Claire on Twitter.

Want to see where we've been? Read our bios here.

Curious about the origins of our name? Right this way.



We call ourselves an agency because we are one and we have it. But that's not all:

We're working to protect the agency of girls and women everywhere.

Because that's what our legacy will be: ensuring that they have the education, opportunities, and economic freedom to be the change we need to see in the world.


the corps (de force)


Carlos is a designer and writer as well as a chaser of all kinds of pipe dreams. He's currently on the writing staff for FOX's The Exorcist (you should totally tune in for season 2 on Fridays this fall!) and most recently he was a writer for Upworthy.

His past clients include ESPN, Amazon, USA Basketball, Marriott, and Participant Pictures (Spotlight). He lives/loves to tell a story, whether it's through a logo, a script, a byline, or a phone call (really, he can chat for hours). You can learn more about him at rasenfalcon.co and find him on Twitter and Instagram. Did he mention that you should watch The Exorcist on Fridays this fall? 


Heather is a graphic designer and branding strategist who has worked with several award-winning companies. When she’s not dreaming of solving murder mysteries, you can find her painting, traveling, or on the search for her next great pint of craft beer.

In addition to recognizing her love for all living creatures (including her pet ferret, Oscar), people often name Heather the most competitive person they know, which she tends to agree with. It's also what makes her a fierce designer who won't stop until you get exactly what you want. You can follow her latest adventures on Instagram.


Johanna is currently a graphic design student at Michigan State University. Her love affair with the world of graphic design began two and a half years ago when she stumbled across an Aaron Draplin class on Skillshare. She's been hooked ever since. 

Her motto? A GIF is worth a thousand words (and she's made the GIFs for Lore de Force to prove it). 

Her guilty pleasures include the coconut donut from Stan's, Taylor Swift's old stuff, and the occasional Netflix documentary binge. You can find her on Instagram.



Want to join The Corps? We want to hear from you! Email us at roar@loredeforce.com and put your favorite movie quote in the subject line. 

p.s. - No need for a resume. Your Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn will do just fine.