No brag but check this out:

"Jennie and Claire are definitely a fast and flexible force for good. They did in two months, what would take other groups a year. The communications strategy they created transformed work that was somewhat daunting and unfamiliar into clear manageable pieces that are easy to implement. What I appreciated the most was their infectious passion and enthusiasm for our mission. Jennie and Claire reminded me of the unique power of our organization." Tavae Samuelu, RYSE Youth Center

"Jennie and Claire are a force for major good in the world: wicked smart and creative, passionately dedicated to social change, and relentlessly committed to you and your cause. I highly recommend working with this dynamic duo.” - Ginger Daniel, Founder, Orange Strategies

"We have had a great number of advisors for our startup, but what we particularly loved about Jennie is that she quickly understood what we needed to do and was able to create a plan of action in no time. Jennie has been without a doubt THE greatest business advisor we have had. You don’t need to spend tons of money and time rumbling with ideas that may or may not happen. Her energy, insights and ability to develop actionable ideas led us to see results very quickly. She is deeply committed to her client’s success and has amazing wisdom ranging from design to marketing and communication strategies. We recommend her 100%." 

 Dr. Craig Zelizer and Dr. Catalina Rojas, Founders of PCDN

“Claire Biggs created and helped design our website. From the first consultation to the present she has been extremely responsive to any question and comment. She offered great advice on design and function throughout the process. A very self-directed, talented worker, she was able to take our direction and execute without the usual hand-holding.

I would highly recommend Claire, she is bright, enthusiastic and able to meet any deadline. Our site has generated so much more interest and I am constantly in contact with clients and potential clients. While the work she did was high quality the price was very affordable. I would highly recommend her!”

— DC Flynt, MACH FLYNT, Inc.

“After Jennie’s work for another client caught my attention, we met in Dallas a couple of times and she quickly put together a “first run” of my new website. We followed that up with a full weekend in Washington D.C. During that weekend, we strategized around my offer, determined how I would socialize my offer within the marketplace, did a full development of all of my products (and formats for delivery), which all culminated in a final website and me ready to hit the ground running by the end of the weekend.

Jennie’s work has been received enthusiastically by the marketplace. In fact, she still manages my newsletter, and the open rate and enrollment percentages are some of the highest for the space I work in.

Jennie is extremely professional, very smart, reliable and resourceful. You cannot help but be energized by her personality, her intense focus and her caring approach. 

I highly endorse her if you want to build a plan for the future you intend!” 

— Mark Noble, Former Managing Director and Partner at Colliers International and Founder of The Noble Force

Everyone needs a go-to person when it’s time to expand their vision, solve a problem or get deeper clarity on what they are doing. Claire has been that go-to for me throughout the last five years. She will stay in your corner and push you to new levels daily.” 

— Hannah Brencher, TED Speaker, Author and Founder of The World Needs More Love Letters

“Claire is a powerhouse when it comes to writing. She’s your best choice.”

— Meggie Royer, poet and author

"Working with Jennie in her role as Director of Marketing for a D.C.-based startup made it clear that she is an eminent entrepreneur among her peers and clients. Jennie’s extensive personal experience building her own brand and rising to challenges she has faced in running her own businesses gives her valuable insight and means of advising others’ business ventures. When I made the transition from academia to corporate, Jennie assuaged my fears of irrelevance and worked tirelessly to help me build my personal brand.

Jennie cares about the details; from color schemes to pitch language, Jennie does not stop until both she and her clients are satisfied. If you allow her to, Jennie will elevate your business through tried-and-true methods, as well as her own visionary processes. Jennie helped me transition from a frustrated junior academic to an accomplished mid-level associate at a national consulting firm. Along the way, she has helped me stay committed to my identities as an independent researcher and author. I could not recommend Jennie’s services enough."

 Jennifer M.K. Parkin, Writer, Speaker and Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

“Claire is the storyteller you want behind any project you’re trying to build out. She’s able to take the bits and pieces that are on your wish list and put together the completed puzzle of a digital presence you’d always imagined. Her experience working with digital brands, writing copy and understanding the inner workings of online strategy will help you move forward on the right foot. It also helps that she’s the most empathetic motivator throughout any process! ”

— Vivian Nunez, digital media strategist and founder of Too Damn Young

Working with Jennie helped me organize my thoughts, build confidence and step back and see what I’ve accomplished over the years. Her positive energy and motivation helped me take the next step and stay focused! She is amazing and a delight to be around.” 

—Valerie Yoscak, Marketing Director at SAK Associates Inc.

“Claire is easily one of the best professional resources I’ve encountered, and I’ve returned for her services again and again. Whether editing, vision building, or creative brainstorming, Claire is able to take the tiniest crumbs of my ideas and build them into a meal. I honestly can’t endorse her enough.”

— Sierra DeMulder, poet and author