Catalyst Call

Catalyst Call


You're ready to do the damn thing.

 To get your side hustle off the ground.

To answer the 10,000 financial, legal, and existential questions standing between you and your dream. 

To tap into the extra creative and strategic brainpower that'll help you go from talking about the difference you want to make to actually making it.

Good news: Our Catalyst Call is designed to make doing-the-damn-thing your new way of life.


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"The coaching calls I’ve done with Claire and Jennie have been truly invaluable.

What I appreciate most about them is that they’re able to zoom out and ask big questions about the vision and mission statement of my business, and then turn those ideas and dreams into plans for action. I’m honestly amazed by how much ground we cover during our phone calls.

So far, since taking their advice, I’ve noticed a major shift in the way I’m approaching my work - which has resulted in positive feedback from my clients, more projects that align with my mission, and an improved sense of job satisfaction. To top it off, they are hilarious, kind, and genuine and a real pleasure to work with. I always leave our calls feeling inspired and ready to take action!" 

- Katherine Haugh