There's nothing traditional about changing the world.

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That's why we developed our own way of doing things.


Everything is human.

This is the differentiation phase. 

No matter what problem we're solving or company we're launching, we come across this truth again and again: What you do can't be separated from who you are. We focus on what sets you apart from everyone else, which means developing all of our plans, goals, trainings, and workshops with you and your purpose in mind. After that, we explore your world and the other humans in it: your employees, your customers, and members of your community. 

Everything has a place. 

This is the foundation phase.

Here's the thing: Systems and processes aren't glamorous. We know. We get it. But we also know that having them in place is necessary for success. During this part of the process, we get you hyper-organized so you have a rock-solid foundation. We give you the tools to make sure you never lose time wondering where that damn Google Doc is ever again. This is the behind-the-scenes work that will set you up for sustainability and success.

Everything comes together. 

This is the iteration phase.

No more hiding: This is when the hard work pays off in a way that the rest of the world can see. Whether you're gunning for a TED Talk or looking to rebrand your company, everything and everyone is in position to make this happen. Our approach prioritizes experimentation and agility. That means you get to use the freedom and time you now have to try out new, innovative ways to do what you do best.


  • Communication Strategies

  • Trainings + Workshops

  • Culture Building

  • Systems + Processes

  • Project Management (we're SCRUM/Agile certified!)

  • Drip Campaigns

  • Website Design

  • Copywriting

  • Branding + VI

  • Social Media

  • Building Online Communities

  • And So. Much. More. 




Weekend Intensives start at $8,000.

Whether you've got a destination in mind or want us to pick the place, we'll make sure the Wi-Fi is fast and the caffeine is flowing. With this option, you'll get our undivided attention as we work to tackle some of your most urgent business needs.


LDF Launch Packages start at $10,000.

Although we mostly take on custom projects, we do have a package available for clients who are looking to launch or relaunch a business quickly. We only take on a handful of launch package clients each year, so claim your spot now


Psst...When you work with us, you're not just building your legacy. You're helping us build ours. If you can't hire us right now but want to contribute, follow that link, make a donation to She's the First, and send a screenshot of your donation receipt to We'll repay your generosity with something just for you.

In our books, intent is more important than industry. Looking to launch (or grow) a socially responsible company?

Every year we take on a select number of clients and develop custom proposals to meet their business needs. We want to hear from you.

Jennie and Claire are a force for major good in the world: wicked smart and creative, passionately dedicated to social change, and relentlessly committed to you and your cause.
— Ginger Daniel, Founder, Orange Strategies