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Catalyst Call 

AKA the spark you need to get shit done.

We won't kick you in the pants, but we will light a fire under your ass.

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Over the past year, we've hopped on the phone with some incredible people.

They had questions about everything from how to build a brand that doesn't feel cringeworthy to how to leave the corporate grind behind and start their own business. We lent them our time and our brains. If they asked about our business, we walked them through what we did and, more importantly, how we did it. 

It was fulfilling and fun as hell, which is why we're now setting aside some time to work with you

So what's a Catalyst Call, exactly? It's our way of proving how much we mean it when we say your legacy is our business

We're the women you want if you're looking to:

  • Change the world
    • The year is 2018. You know it. We know it. It is what it is: The world is pretty messed up in a lot of ways. If you're in the business of wanting to make it better, you're in the right place (and speaking our language). We can help you set up your CSR initiative and make decisions so that your brand or business aligns with your cause, among other things. We can also tell you how we make sure our business is a force for good in the world. Because remember: The days of choosing between purpose and profit are over.   

  • Start a business with your BFF
    • There are plenty of amazing resources out there for solopreneurs, but we haven't found many that focus on, ahem, best friends with benefits. If you want to take your BFF-ship to the next level, we're here for you. Let us fill you in on how we got started, what we wish we'd known back then, and how we grew our business while protecting our friendship. 
  • Get your shit together
    • We hear you, and we feel you. Let's talk about what's on your mind, what's slowing you down, and what's on the horizon. This is a no-judgment zone so come prepared to talk about the good, the bad, and the things you probably shouldn't tweet about but - whoops! too late.


  • Build a no-bullshit brand
    • When you create a brand that represents who you are (not the you that you think you should be), you'll attract the people who will hang on your every post. We know a thing or two about creating a brand that makes strangers want to hop on a road trip with you* and we want to help you get there.

  • Ask us anything
    • We don't have secrets, but even if we did we wouldn't keep them from you. If you've got nitty-gritty questions about how we run our business or even just questions you're too embarrassed to ask anyone else, tag us in. We'll give up the goods on how we hit six figures during our first year in business and whatever else you want to know. 
  • Talk about the latest episode of My Favorite Murder

*actual feedback we've heard from people who've visited our website

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How We're Getting Sh*t Done

Groundwork: Laid

Before the call, we'll help you zero in on what you need help with most. We've got to make that hour really count, you know? That's why we'll send over some materials to get you thinking and even more excited to hop on the phone. 

Spark: Lit

These 60 minutes are yours to use, and you have both of our brains, all of our experience, and as much honesty as you can handle at your disposal. Use it wisely (AKA feel free to ask us anything). If the thought of all this has you breaking out into hives, just remember that you're in control, not in the hot seat. We're here to help. 

Fire: Started

If you're bummed because the party's over, don't be! After the party is the...action plan. Not as catchy, just as fun. This is where we follow up with you and give you next steps you to tackle your problem, launch your idea, or move in the direction of that shit-I-am-really-gonna-go-for-this dream of yours. 

Your Investment: $150 (+ plenty of enthusiasm)

Catalyst Call Case Study: Katherine Haugh 

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Katherine is XYZ and currently working on ABC.

The coaching calls I’ve done with Claire and Jennie have been truly invaluable.

They make every minute count with their thoughtful questions and get right to the point with their recommendations. They keep their mission up front and center and it comes across clearly in their work. They are fully present during all of our calls, holding in mind my goals and passions, all the while advising me on tips and strategies I can use to take my business to the next level.

What I appreciate most about Claire and Jennie is that they’re able to zoom out and ask big questions about the vision and mission statement of my business, and then turn those ideas and dreams into plans for action.

I’m honestly amazed by how much ground we cover during our phone calls. In an hour, we can talk about what drives me in my work, how to improve my creative processes, how I can be more strategic about my business portfolio, tips for financial and legal processes, and somehow find a way to fit in personal anecdotes and funny stories that make the calls as enjoyable as they are valuable.

Claire and Jennie are humble and always make me feel like we’re a team. They’re quick to share what has worked well for them and what hasn’t and are open, transparent, and direct about their approach to creating and launching a successful business. They’re always available, responsive, thorough, and ready to help.

To top it off, they are hilarious, kind, and genuine and a real pleasure to work with.

I always leave our coaching calls feeling inspired and ready to take action! Claire and Jennie have made it easy for me to start implementing what I learned during our calls right away. So far, since taking their advice, I’ve noticed a major shift  in the way I’m approaching my work - which has resulted in positive feedback from my clients, more projects that align with my mission, and an improved sense of job satisfaction.

"I feel like I can bring Lore de Force any communication challenge that keeps me up at night, and they'll come back with a brilliant, beautiful framework to solve it. They deliver top-notch results--aesthetically pleasing and astute--that have set off so many positive ripple effects for our organization. 

LDF practices what it preaches, and at She's the First, we are so proud to be part of their impact."

-Tammy Tibbetts, founder and CEO, She's the First

Jennie and Claire have taught me so much about life and my career. They guided me through best practices to start my own company, gave me book recommendations that helped me succeed, and always have provided tips on what I need to do and what not to do. Above it all, Jennie and Claire are the most positive and motivating women I have ever encountered. There have been times where I’ve been confused and unsure what direction to go. They have taught me that no matter what I want to do, I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to, and that no one can stop me from achieving my goals. Their advice has given me the power and confidence to be able to help other women in need of direction. I highly recommend working with Claire and Jennie, as I will be forever changed by their wisdom and guidance. 

-Heather Moorman

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Wait, who's starting all these fires? 

Jennie and Claire are best friends and business partners who started Lore de Force to take control over their lives and their legacies - and to help others do the same. They've written, strategized, designed, and launched initiatives for some of the world's largest companies and organizations (Jennie: agencies and tech start-ups; Claire: some of the world's largest media companies), and now that they're running the show, they're working around the clock (and the world) to prove that it's possible to make a profit while making a difference. After building a 6-figure consulting business in just one year, they're eager to help other women who are ready to do the same. 

Rumor has it they're known for:

  • working from anywhere, including that one time in the back of a tuk-tuk in Cambodia
  • getting impulsive tattoos in places like Vancouver, Bangkok, and Arroyo Grande
  • hopping on flights out of the country for reasons like "villas are cheap in Bali right now" and "that murder podcast we listen to is doing a live show"
  • swearing via email 

Want to learn more? Check out their longer bios here.  


Ready? Let's do this.

Click the big white button. Go ahead. You know you want to. 

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