Catalyst Call

The spark you need to get sh*t done. 

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You're ready to do the damn thing.

 To get your side hustle off the ground.

To answer the 10,000 financial, legal, and existential questions standing between you and your dream. 

To tap into the extra creative and strategic brainpower that'll help you go from talking about the difference you want to make to actually making it.

Good news: Our Catalyst Call is designed to make doing-the-damn-thing your new way of life.


Pre-call Prep

Before the call, we'll help you zero in on what you need most. We've got to make that hour really count, you know? We'll set a time to talk and send over materials to get you thinking and even more excited to hop on the phone. 


One-hour Strategy Call

These 60 minutes are yours to use, and you have both of our brains, all of our experience, and as much honesty as you can handle at your disposal. Use it wisely (AKA feel free to ask us anything). If the thought of all this has you breaking out into hives, just remember that you're in control, not in the hot seat. 

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Action Plan

If you're bummed because the party's over, don't be! After the party is the...action plan. Not as catchy, just as fun. This is where we follow up and give you next steps to tackle your problem, launch your idea, or move in the direction of that damn-I-am-really-gonna-go-for-this dream of yours. 

It's not just a regular call:  You'll also get fun extras like a kick-ass Spotify playlist and an iPhone and desktop background to inspire you long after we hop off the phone. 

Catalyst Call Spotlight: Katherine Haugh


"The coaching calls I’ve done with Claire and Jennie have been truly invaluable.

What I appreciate most about them is that they’re able to zoom out and ask big questions about the vision and mission statement of my business, and then turn those ideas and dreams into plans for action. I’m honestly amazed by how much ground we cover during our phone calls.

So far, since taking their advice, I’ve noticed a major shift in the way I’m approaching my work - which has resulted in positive feedback from my clients, more projects that align with my mission, and an improved sense of job satisfaction. To top it off, they are hilarious, kind, and genuine and a real pleasure to work with. I always leave our calls feeling inspired and ready to take action!" 

Katherine is an evaluator and graphic recorder based out of Holland.

Katherine is an evaluator and graphic recorder based out of Holland.

Around here, nothing is off limits

and everything is flammable.

Whether you need to develop, launch, or grow your brand or business, we've got your back. 

Here's just some of what we can cover in our call:

  • Turning your idea into a profitable business

  • Creating a unique brand

  • Finding your deliberate differentiation AKA what sets you apart

  • Building a socially responsible business

  • Making sense of the legal, financial, and existential aspects of going out on your own

  • Setting goals and planning for your success

  • Developing your brand, tone, and voice

  • Packaging your offerings and services

  • Refining your website strategy

  • Tapping into your network

  • Auditing your social media profiles

  • Rolling out a comms strategy

  • Taking care of general admin stuff

  • Setting boundaries and protecting your time

  • Providing the best customer service

  • Growing your team

  • Navigating the consultant/client relationship

  • Building community on social media

  • Monetizing your podcast or passion project

  • Running ads that convert

  • Partnering with the right people

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Spark Something That Matters

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Catalyst Call


Fire Starters (AKA Testimonials)

"I feel like I can bring Lore de Force any communication challenge that keeps me up at night, and they'll come back with a brilliant, beautiful framework to solve it. They deliver top-notch results--aesthetically pleasing and astute--that have set off so many positive ripple effects for our organization. 

LDF practices what it preaches, and at She's the First, we are so proud to be part of their impact."

-Tammy Tibbetts, founder and CEO, She's the First

"Jennie and Claire are the most positive and motivating women I have ever encountered. They have taught me that no matter what I want to do, I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to, and that no one can stop me from achieving my goals.

Their advice has given me the power and confidence to be able to help other women in need of direction. I highly recommend working with Claire and Jennie, as I will be forever changed by their wisdom and guidance." 

-Heather Moorman, Digital Marketing Manager

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Wait, who's starting all these fires? 

Jennie and Claire are best friends and business partners who started Lore de Force to take control over their lives and their legacies - and to help others do the same. They've written, strategized, designed, and launched initiatives for some of the world's largest companies and organizations (Jennie: agencies and tech start-ups; Claire: some of the world's largest media companies), and now that they're running the show, they're working around the clock (and the world) to prove that it's possible to make a profit while making a difference. After building a 6-figure consulting business in just one year, they're eager to help other women who are ready to make big changes of their own. 

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Rumor has it they're known for:

  • working from anywhere, including that one time in the back of a tuk-tuk in Cambodia

  • getting impulsive tattoos in places like Vancouver, Bangkok, and Arroyo Grande

  • hopping on flights out of the country for reasons like "villas are cheap in Bali right now"

  • swearing via email

Want to learn more? Check out their longer bios here.  


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Staying true to our mission

We're working to ensure that women and girls everywhere have the education, opportunities, and economic freedom to be the change we need to see in the world.

We're also well aware that not everyone starts out on equal footing. If you're not able to cover the cost of your Catalyst Call but think you (and the world) would benefit from having one, email us at letting us know about your situation and we'll get back to you ASAP.